Melt Away Stress With Our New Soothing Tejas Ritual

Tejas Spa Bisma at Adiwana Bisma Ubud is thrilled to unveil our newest treatment, the Soothing Tejas Ritual, a transformative candle massage experience designed to melt away stress and leave you feeling utterly rejuvenated and your skin supple and soft.

Unlike traditional massages, the Soothing Tejas Ritual incorporates the therapeutic benefits of warm, organic soy wax, which has the consistency and texture of a rich and creamy body butter. The warm and gentle soy wax allows for a deeper, more luxurious massage experience. As the wax glides effortlessly across your skin, it nourishes and conditions, leaving it feeling silky smooth and radiant.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

Relax and surrender to the moment, as our skilled therapists will expertly combine the warmth of the wax with traditional Balinese techniques to target tension and promote deep relaxation. Imagine the weight of everyday worries melting away as you drift into a state of complete tranquillity.

The Soothing Tejas Ritual is more than just a massage; it’s a multi-sensory experience. The calming ambience of Tejas Spa Ubud, combined with the soothing aroma of essential oils will transport you to a world of pure serenity.

Ready to Experience the Soothing Tejas Ritual?

Don’t wait any longer to treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Book your Soothing Tejas Ritual at Tejas Spa Bisma at Adiwana Bisma Ubud today and rediscover the path to inner peace.

To book, simply speak to a member of our team at the hotel’s Front Desk, head to our Spa Pavilion or send a WhatsApp message to +628 123 848 1482. You can also pick up the phone and call us at +62 361 620 2008.

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Tejas Spa Bisma offers a variety of luxurious spa treatments and massages designed to cater to your every need. Whether you’re seeking deep relaxation, muscle tension relief, or a romantic couples massage, we have the perfect treatment for you.

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Located in the heart of Ubud, Tejas Spa Bisma offers a sanctuary of tranquillity amidst the vibrant energy of Bali. Our commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients and traditional techniques ensures an unforgettable spa experience.