Tejas Spa Bisma: Where Serenity Meets Personalized Rejuvenation in the Heart of Ubud

At Tejas Spa Bisma, prepare to be enchanted by a truly mesmerizing day spa experience that will leave you feeling pampered, refreshed, and rejuvenated from head to toe. 

Our journey to serenity begins with a skillful array of repetitive and slow movements, carefully designed to stimulate your senses, effectively eliminating toxins and impurities, and leaving you feeling utterly refreshed.

Upon entering our warm sanctuary, luxury meets nature, and your worries are left at the door. At Tejas Spa Bisma, we take great pride in crafting our signature treatments, embracing the healing power of Mother Nature with fresh, organic ingredients sourced locally for the highest quality.

Our spa proudly presents the best traditional Ayurvedic massages in Ubud – an ancient healing technique that dates back 3,000 years to India’s holistic medicine. Our philosophy revolves around the elements of nature, encompassing three distinct body types: Kapha (water/earth), Pitta (fire), and Vata (ether/air).

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tejas spa bisma day spa bali ubud

Your spa experience begins with a personalized touch, as we invite you to fill out our Ayurvedic healing form. This thoughtful assessment empowers our highly skilled therapists to understand your unique physical and emotional well-being, allowing them to recommend the perfect massage tailored to your body’s requirements.

As you close your eyes and let go, our therapists’ hands move in harmony and synchronization, like a captivating dance, to release stress, emotional weight, and tension, leaving you with an unparalleled sense of total rejuvenation.

Embrace the healing properties of our handcrafted oils, thoughtfully chosen to complement your treatments: Vata – warming oil with hints of Orange, Ginger, and Patchouli; Pitta – calming oil infused with soothing Camomile, lime, and Vetiver; and Kapha – energizing oil with the refreshing scents of Lemongrass, rosemary, and bergamot. Each blend nourishes your mind and soul, guiding you to a state of profound serenity.

For those seeking something truly remarkable for day spa, our signature Bisma Healing Massage is an unrivalled 90-minute experience. This indulgent treatment combines deeply relaxing and uplifting massage techniques with gentle stretching, leaving you feeling as light as a feather and encouraging optimal blood circulation.

A visit to Tejas Spa Bisma is your ticket to heavenly relaxation and a day spa in Ubud escape. Let your mind, body, and soul find solace in our traditional royal treatments, offered exclusively at Tejas Spa Bisma, Adiwana Bisma.

Don’t wait to experience the best spa. Treat yourself to a spa journey like no other and emerge from our sanctuary feeling renewed, restored, and ready to take on the world. Book your appointment now and embark on a path to blissful self-pampering.


Address: Jl. Bisma, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571
Opening Hours: Daily, 9 am –  9 pm
Price: Prices start at approx. IDR 333.345 – 807.750 for single treatments and IDR 750.000 – 3.879,562 for Spa packages.
Reservations : (+62 812-3848-1482)